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Information for Team Administrators who operate the Internet Match Reporting System.



The National Football Association has set up a web site to assist

all leagues in the country in making the reporting of match results and statistics an easier and quicker option. This site  is for all team managers/secretaries that have an email account and access  to the Internet. 

The Mid Lincs County Youth League is looking to give all managers the opportunity to manage their fixtures in a more efficient way as well as another avenue to send in their results and team statistics. This online system should mean an easier option for the managers and giving them access to more up to date information on fixtures, referees, results, players statistics, and taking up considerably less time than phoning in a  result on a Sunday afternoon and then having to fill in a result card and post it to the league officers as is required at present.

The site is maintained by the National Football Association in London on behalf of all the leagues in the country. Data Protection of information comes under their responsibility but be assured that in order for leagues to operate on this site we do not have to electronically store any players or officials addresses, only names and date of birth of players and names and email addresses of team administrators.

Parents/Players may view the site but will not have access to input any information.

Site Access

The league site can only be accessed through the inputting of a username and a password. These will be set by the  league secretary from information supplied by your club secretary and sent to you via a separate email.

Should these be compromised then immediate contact is to be made to the league secretary in order for the password to be changed as the site does give league officers the tracking capability to see who, when and where each manager went on the site.

When navigating from page to page on this site please use the BACK/FINISHED or  SUBMIT buttons on the pages and not your browser back button as this will not work.

Inputting Results

This task can now be done online and requires the manager or team administrator to;

(1) From the website select Managers Login from the Fixtures Menu on the right hand side.  You now need to enter the user name and password your secretary has been given. The username is usually the administrators surname followed by the age group followed by the first three letters of your club ie in this instance it is smith13alf (all in lowercase)

(2) To enter a League result you select Result/Stats. To enter a Cup result then click Cup wizard. If you wish to write a match report then click on match report. Please do not verbally attack any officials of other clubs OR referees through match reports and any abuse found on match reports will result in your access  being removed from the system. Select the correct game you wish to enter the stats for by clicking statistics. 

Now complete the details above including [Started] Players who played in the game, whether it be all game or even 2 minutes of the game. [Bench] is for players who travelled but DID NOT take part in the game. If a player was not present then leave his/her box blank.

[Goals] is for who scored through normal play, [Penalty]  if there was a penalty, [Penalty] conceded for penalties against you team and should you have a [player of the match] this should be ticked. You can have between 1 and 17 players for this option. Once you have completed this screen select Update Stats for Players.

Now click on Switch to Opposition Team Stats which is listed above your first player.

You need to enter a value of between 1 - 10 in the VALUE box above Sporting Marks. If your game was officiated by a Mid Lincs Appointed Referee ie 11 aside game then you can leave the next box Empty. Important  If you are small sided OR had a person refereeing Other than a League appointed referee then you need to click on the box Marked REFEREE and REFEREE MARKS and enter his/her name and marks out of 100%. Once done click CREATE.

You should now see sporting marks listed. Now press FINISHED WIZARD. Now enter the SCORE in the box show below. If you have a league appointed referee you need to put the REFEREE mark in the Marks for Refs box  from 1 - 100. If you enter a figure of 50 or below we need a letter within 7 days stating the reason for such a low mark, this should be sent to the League Secretary.

 Once you have entered the score and if required the referee marks press UPDATE.

If you are happy with the information you have input, press FINISHED

and you will be returned to the original screen which lists Admin Home. 

If you have entered all the information that is required including players stats, Sporting marks and referee marks then you can click sign out and you have finished.

TO ENTER A CUP RESULT & STATS you need to Log In and then on the ADMIN Page click CUP WIZARD BUTTON and follow the same procedure as above for a league result.

Checking Eligibility of Players

This site gives all managers the opportunity to have up to date information on who is eligible to play in each fixture as should a player be suspended for any reason the League Administrator can remove a player from any teams list of players and reinstate after the players suspension has been served.

 This action can also be done for any player who transfers during the season.

Therefore, you have an opportunity to print off the fixture page prior to the match and check your opponents players/ID Cards against the list of players available to play.

Notifying the League of Changes of Fixtures 

This needs to be done by the use of 1. EMAIL to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the OFFICIAL EMAIL RESULT CARD available from the download page or 2 managers manual Fixture Change Cards as supplied at the Fixture Meeting however ANY game that is to be cancelled within 7 days of the game should be telephoned through to the Fixture Secretary.

Points to Remember 

Everyone is on the same learning curve as you. It may seem daunting at first but you will soon be using this site without giving it a second thought.

DO NOT feel alone and isolated, if you have a query DO NOT keep going blindly on. DO PLAY with the features on the site especially the Stats and familiarize yourself with them IF you see something wrong regarding your teams stats, fixtures etc then let us know and we will amend as soon as possible to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Do try and get your results in as soon as possible as the Results Secretary starts approving them from approx 5.30pm on Sunday nights. League rules do give you a maximum of 36 hours before incurring a fine for late submission but we do know players look for the results and their appearances on a Monday morning.

DO ASK for advice from YOUR SECRETARY who should be aware of the imput procedure.

Please bear in mind on a Sunday the Results secretary is generally administering up 450 results so it is recommended that you EMAIL This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. rather then ring as she can handle 20 + emails an hour as opposed to phone calls. Please DO NOT call after 9pm.


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