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Qualification of Players


(A) (1) Contract players, as defined in Football Association rules, are not permitted in this competition.a contract player may only play for the Club that holds his contract.

It is the responsibility of each Club to ensure that any player signing a registration form for that Club has, where necessary, the required International Transfer Certificate. Clearance is required for any player aged 10 and over crossing borders including Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


 (2) No player registered with a F.A. Premier League or Football League Academy will be permitted to play in this competition. A player registered with a Center of Excellence may only play in this Competition subject to the Regulations of the Programme for Excellence.


(3) While serving in any branch of He Majestys Regular Forces, a player must first obtain consent of his Association Secretary before signing a registration form to play for a club.


 (B) A registered playing member of a club is one who, being in all other respects eligible has;


(1) Signed a fully and correctly completed Competition registration form in ink. Countersigned by his/her parent or guardian and by an Officer of the Club, and who has been registered with the Registrar 7 days prior to playing, and whose completed identity card has been received by the club prior to playing.

(The registration document must incorporate any known serious medical conditions of the player and emergency contact details of the players parents or guardians. These details must be available at matches and training events the player attends within the management of the club or competition).

Two fully completed Identity Cards and two current passport photographs of the player must be submitted to the Registrar. These must be submitted within 7 days of signing or the registration forms become void.


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